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Re: packaging mod_perl-based (Mason-based, etc.) applications

How about adding the necessary info to the main install's config,
but commented out by default?  Then include an install message and/or
an user-selected option to uncomment that section and restart.
This is currently the case for at least some Apache modules packages
(e.g. libapache-mod-fastcgi's postinst), so there's precedent.

That said... In general, it would be handy if there were better support
in Debian for multiple instances of a given server. (e.g. I ran into
the same problem this week w.r.t. running split DNS with two Bind (8)
instances, and how well they would deal with package upgrades later)
But that's a potentially sticky problem and beyond the scope of the
original question.


On Fri, 24 May 2002, Ivan Kohler wrote:
> This strategy is described the mod_perl guide at
> http://perl.apache.org/guide/strategy.html#Apache_s_mod_proxy -
> specifically, I'm interested in feedback on packaging something using this
> strategy and how the framework could be be reused for multiple projects.
> FYI, i rejected the idea of using the stock apache instance.  I can't
> imagine doing "apt-get install application" and suddenly your main apache
> instance has mod_perl enabled and each process is 15 megs and holds open a
> database connection (application used Apache::DBI).

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