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packaging mod_perl-based (Mason-based, etc.) applications


I'm packaging a mod_perl-based application and find I need some framework
that I think would be re-usable for other mod_perl apps.

- Setup and run a separate apache instance on a high port (chosen at
  random?  Perhaps prompt if debconf priority is Low?).  This would use
  the packaged apache and mod_perl, just with a separte configuration.

- The separate apache instance would have mod_perl and Mason
  enabled, would default to a smaller number of SpareServers and
  MacClients and contain the configuration necessary to run the

- The application would setup mod_proxy in the regular apache instance to
  forward requests for the documents from /appname to the back-end server.

This strategy is described the mod_perl guide at
http://perl.apache.org/guide/strategy.html#Apache_s_mod_proxy -
specifically, I'm interested in feedback on packaging something using this
strategy and how the framework could be be reused for multiple projects.

FYI, i rejected the idea of using the stock apache instance.  I can't
imagine doing "apt-get install application" and suddenly your main apache
instance has mod_perl enabled and each process is 15 megs and holds open a
database connection (application used Apache::DBI). 

Comments/feedback (even flames :) appriciated.


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