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Confessions of a mod_perl user...

I use mod_perl all the time.  For various reasons (not the least of
which is that it simply works better), I use apache-perl, the one with
mod_perl statically linked in.

Now apache-perl uses perl-5.005.  Thus my inclination is to build
those XS modules that I maintain using perl-5.005, which results in
packages that will work on both 5.005 and 5.6.  This seems to me to be
ideal, at least in the short term---many of us were severly
inconvenienced with the libdbi-perl came out that was not compatible
with 5.005.

At the same time, I'm hearing (from people on the ia64 project) that
they are inconvenienced by this dependency on 5.005.

I can bug Dan Jacobowitz and get him to update apache-perl, but I hate
to do that, and even though he might not mind, he might not have time
to deal with the issue immediately.

What do people think?  We have this ability to have forwards
compatability.  I think we should use it.  Does everyone else think
that's a bad idea?


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