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Re: Whoever owns Perl?

John MacPhail, in an immanent manifestation of deity, wrote:
>From the October archives of this list, it seems you (implicitly)
>orphaned Perl, and then Brendan O'Dea gave notice of his intention to
>adopt it.  Yet there are two competing sets of packages:

Well, I made a grand and over melodramatic comment about how if I don't
get Perl done by X date, then I must not care enough about Perl and it
should be taken over.

Well, Murphy being as he is decided to take out my development machine 2
days before that date.  This caused me a bit of a problem since I
couldn't work on it as I had planned.  You might've noticed my plea for
a login somewhere so that I could finish building it.  This was a little
later but I didn't think of doing such a thing until I was asked why I

So, while a case could be made that Branden should have the Perl
packages, I still think that I do and plan to continue developing them.

I'm currently waiting for the perl 5.6.0 packages in incoming to be
installed.  Once that happens, I can release all the 5.004, 5.005, and
5.6.0 packages that don't have alternatives in them.  They need to all
be installed at the same time since some packages having alternatives
and some not is dangerous.

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