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New 5.6 Perl

I've made the new 5.6 Perl available from:
deb     http://www.daft.com/pub/debian/experimental ./
deb-src http://www.daft.com/pub/debian/experimental ./

deb     http://master.debian.org/~torin/packages/experimental ./
deb-src http://master.debian.org/~torin/packages/experimental ./

I made them available from master as well since Sprint has had bouts of
dropping packets lately.

The following are the changes wrought for this release:
   * Add the threading version of Perl into the build system.  XS
     components need it even if users can't.
   * Copy Brendan's patched target wholesale for the application of
   * Adapt Brendan's libperl changes.
     Be sure and link suidperl static.

I've not put in a separate libperl5.6-dev package since you'd need the
full Perl package to do that anyway.  Possibly, perl-5.6 should provide

The tasks to have done by Saturday are:
  * Remove the alternatives - there should be One True Perl
    This means that I have to build the 5.004 and 5.005 packages and
    remove the alternatives from there too.  This is why this isn't done
    for this release.
  * Make the documentation build under binary-indep.  I had this
    originally but it was horrid due to the alternatives mess.  I
    reverted and it will be fixed for the next test release.
  * Pull forward some of the changes from 5.005 such as
    ExtUtils::MM_Unix not using LD_RUN_PATH, getting eg/rename patched,
    I may leave the shadow password problem for the second release to

If folks could bang on this, I'll release a 0.3 on Saturday.  If that
proves stable, I'll release it pretty much unchanged at -1 a few days
after that...

<torin@daft.com><http://www.daft.com/~torin/> <torin@debian.org><perl@slut.org>
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