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Re: A proposal: un-split perl packages for 5.6.0

Brendan O'Dea wrote:
> Given that perl generally provides an option for backward compatibility
> to a previous release, it would seem that a cleaner alternative is
> available.  I have prepared a set of non-versioned `perl', `perl-base',
> etc. packages for 5.6.0 to demonstrate the proposal:
>     http://master.debian.org/~bod/perl/

FWIW, I'm very happily using these debs and running perl 5.6 without

> The current test packages have a perlapi version of 5.005-5.6.0-0test2,
> so the dependencies are met, as they are if a later version removes the
> 5.005 compatibility (the version changing to say 5.6.0-5.6.1-5).

If this later version removes 5.005 compatability, we do have to rebuild
all binary perl modules pretty quickly or in a staging area, right?
Cause it'll be impossible to have an old binary module package installed 
with the new perl..

see shy jo

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