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Re: State of the Art wrt XML/XSL.

Michael Koehne wrote:
>   the debian way handling perl is broken :
>   - debian does not know, if I install a new module using CPAN, and may
>     want to overwrite it with an older module, at next dselect, if some
>     debian package thinks it need this module.


>   - its not possible to ask the Debian Perl for an autobundle, and to
>     remake a complete new Perl, as critical modules for running Debian
>     are missing on CPAN.

You're not thinking about perl in the debian way, and that is your whole
problem. What is the point of making a bundle on a debian system?

>   - its impossible to query those critical Perl modules for documentation
>     using e.g. 'perldoc Debian::DebConf' shows me 'No documentation found'.

That is because debconf does not include a module by that name (duh), and
because I strip the pod docs to save space on the base system. All
user-level docs are in debconf-doc; the pod docs are in the source
package and are only useful to people who are extending debconf and
would need the source package anyway.

Debconf is a bad example here; there is absoltely no reason why perldoc
will not work on debian perl module packages that have pod
documentation in the binary package.

see shy jo

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