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Re: Perl 5.6.0 Is Here!

All this struggle is really getting me down.  I think we should just
make a libperl.so that sits next to the libperl.a and is 100%
binary-compatible with it, no matter whether that meets all the needs
of everyone.  It will at least be something to experiment with.
Stephen Zander has promised a patch that will enable such a build.

According to Michael Alan Dorman:
> Furthermore, I _thought_ (though feel free to just say "You're wrong"
> and I'll shut up) that most of the perl interpreter would end up being
> shared because of Unix COW semantics anyway.

COW makes everything right ... _at_first_.  But then as execution
proceeds, relocation fixups are needed.  (As always happens when you
put non-PIC code in a shared library.)

But we don't know how many relocation fixups occur, or how much time
they take.  We dearly need hard numbers on these.

> Do we want to put all this work into 5.6 with Topaz just around the
> corner?

Ack!!  Topaz is _not_ just around the corner, not for production use
anyway.  Shoot, all I've committed to is running simple Perl programs
by August.  And then there's tuning, and portability ...

> I forget what the glyph for evil grin is exactly.

(*whew*)  I think it's chr(666).
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