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Re: Perl 5.004 year 2000 compliant ? (Re: [whimsy@tkg.att.ne.jp: perl5.004?$B$N?(B 2000?$BG/LdBj$K4X$7$F?(B])

In article <877lj7wbq0.fsf@pooh.fire-swamp.net> you write:
>>>>>> "Fumitoshi" == Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp> writes:
>    Fumitoshi>  Does anyone know perl 5.004 is really year 2000
>    Fumitoshi> compliant and tell me its information source, please?

>The document to which you refer applies to *all* versions of perl.

Wrong. IIRC perl5 is y2k compliant, perl4 *isn't*.

Or at least gmtime & localtime prior to perl5 returned the year as the final
2 digits of the year number, in perl 5 it returns years since 1900.

	- Regards, Robert.

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