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Re: CGI.pm not in libcgi-perl anymore? (was: Re: libcgi-perl?)

>>"Michael" == Michael Alan Dorman <mdorman-debian.perl@debian.org> writes:

 Michael> While I would have sworn that at one time libcgi-perl
 Michael> included CGI.pm, it certainly doesn't now.

        You have a long emory ;-). A long while ago, it did, (but it
 used to be called CGI-modules then). It also was not pristine source,
 so I could mix and match upstream sources. 

 Michael> This suggests that we either need a package that includes
 Michael> it---and I would argue with Manoj that that would have to be
 Michael> libcgi-perl, since there are already packages out there that

        libcgi-pm-perl? I already have it packaged as such locally,
 but I have never uploaded it. 

 Michael> (I suspect) mistakenly have dependencies on it---or our
 Michael> heroic perl maintainers need to take the tiger by the tail
 Michael> and update the perl sources with the new version.

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