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Re: testing release of Perl packages

Le Wed, Jun 23, 1999 at 04:20:10AM -0700, Darren/Torin/Who Ever... écrivait:
>    b) The symlinks in /usr/doc for the fake packages are showing up as
>       real directories (see my post on debian-devel)

If I remember well, this is a known bug of dpkg, it doesn't create the
symlink if something else existed before ...

>    c) Aborting the installation of perl-5.005-base doesn't stop the
>       unpacking of perl-5.005 and friends.  (See my post on
>       debian-devel)

The pre-depends solution that has been mentionned may work but I think
that it's overkill.

I think that it would be a good idea to add a line to perl-5.005 preinst :

test -f /usr/bin/perl-=version= || test -f /usr/bin/perl-=version=.dist

This way you can be sure that the corresponding base package has been
unpacked. I suppose that it counts for suidperl too ...

>    d) perl.1p.gz didn't have an update-alternatives --remove in the
>       prerm.

I think that I also corrected that but I forgot to check on your package
since I didn't note what I've changed. Shame on me.

>    a) Install the new Perl Policy Paper from Raphael.
>    b) Hopefully this includes registering with doc-base but I don't
>       promise anything

The doc-base registration is not very hard. Even simpler with debhelper.

You install a file perl-policy in /usr/share/doc-base describing the 
doc (take a look at files already installed there or read the 
doc-base documentation).

And in your postinst :
if command -v install-docs >/dev/null 2>&1; then
        install-docs -i /usr/share/doc-base/perl-policy

In your prerm :
if command -v install-docs >/dev/null 2>&1; then
        install-docs -r perl-policy

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