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Re: perl-5.005-base conflicting with non-versioned Perl

Le Mon, Jun 21, 1999 at 12:18:19PM +0200, Richard Braakman écrivait:
> It won't work.  perl-base is Essential, and perl-5.005-base is not.
> Should it be Essential?  What is the whole setup?

You must always have /usr/bin/perl on a Debian system. /usr/bin/perl is
provided by perl-5.00X-base package. So we decided to have a fake package
perl-base that will be essential and that will depend on perl5-base
that is provided by each perl-5.00X-base package.

The perl-5.004-* package can be installed automatically because there's a
new fake package depending on perl-5.004. This fake package will have
to be removed for the transition to be complete. We decided that
perl-5.005-base will conflict with perl so that all dependencies on
perl will have to have vanished at that time. In fact all dependencies on
perl will have to be replaced by a dependency to perl5 or perl-5.005
depending on the package (perl script/module/binary-module and so on).
This have to be done for perl-5.005.

The problem that Darren have is that he thinks that we should not be able
to install perl-5.005-base if there's still an old perl-base (but no

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