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dpkg and dpkg-dev binary and source tarballs for hppa-linux


I've got CVS dpkg cross-compiled for PA-RISC.  Have at it:


A tarball of the source is at:


We don't have Perl yet (working on that today, maybe, if the kernel
doesn't crash) so most dpkg-dev functionality isn't there, but it's a

The native toolchain is basically working for static binaries, and
shared libraries should work as soon as we resolve some remaining
issues with libgcc.a and PIC/non-PIC linking.  I'll post a tarball for
the native toolchain soon (beware, it's large).

The kernel is not stable enough (VM and exception handling are "not
quite there yet") to really use this stuff though so don't get too
excited :-)

If you're brave, you can use a 2.3.99pre8 kernel with the current
arch/parisc/kernel/{signal.c,entry.S} until we get our really-slow-VM
problems fixed.

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