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Re: Howdy!

In article <[🔎] 20000423192802.E23292@neep.com.au> you wrote:

>> 3 - How close are we to having something to test? (because my Apollo's
>> aren't doing ANYTHING right now...) 

Not very...

> As you might gather the project is still working on the very important stage
> of getting the kernel running properly. 

There are parallel activities, with the bulk of the effort going into the 
kernel right now, but others are trying to stabilize the toolchain and get
a working glibc build so that we can at least start working on user space.

> I may be wrong but I would say it's
> still a little while before enough HP systems are running stably enough to
> start worrying about userland & building Debian packages.  (Bdale might
> rebutt me here.)  =)

Right.  Until the compiler, binutils, glibc, and kernel all more or less work
and are in sync with each other, it's hard to have even one machine doing any
useful work for Debian, much less many!  What I've been doing so far is a 
combination of trying to get all the Debian infrastructure in place so that we
can roll fast when we start to roll, and hanging out on the fringes of the
main HP / Linuxcare team doing what I can to help test things and keep them


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