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Re: Technical issue with this list


TL;DR: please could the listmaster unsubscribe
ike_laughter@hotmail.com? Thanks!

Fioddor Superconcentrado wrote:
> This email is to report that whenever I write to this list, I get this
> message.

This is because ike_laughter@hotmail.com is subscribed to the list, and
that person's emails are configured to be forwarded to the non-existent
address ic8613@hey.com

The email provider (hotmail / outlook.com) bounces the undeliverable
mails back to the original sender (in this case, Fioddor). This is also
wrong behaviour of outlook.com, I think. (It should have bounced it to
the Debian mailing list server, which would filter the bounce messages
and eventually unsubscribe that person automatically).

A bounce like this would also have happened if the outlook.com spam
filter had accepted the email but the hey.com spam filter rejected it
(which happens quite often, also because of SPF, or DKIM, etc.).

This shows why email servers that forward emails to another address (at
another provider) is often a bad idea! Hence why I wrote that the GSoC
project for FreedomBox should also resist implementing this particular
"feature" :)

Kind regards,
Steven Chamberlain

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