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GSOC 2020 WEEK 9 REPORT - Android SDK tools in DEBIAN

Hola Everyone, this is my 9th Week report for GSOC .
This week was a bit hectic one for me as i had to manage the task of updating pidcat as well as started working on sbt which wasn't updated for a long time.
In this week i finished the migration of pidcat from python2 to python3 , thanks to the upstream contributors for their patch which I implemented in the pidcat  (https://salsa.debian.org/python-team/modules/pidcat/-/merge_requests/1) this is the merge request created for the same. This Merge Request is merged and is now in upstream repository of DPMT.
Now, coming to sbt , i updated the base package of sbt in my form which can be found here (https://salsa.debian.org/Manas-kashyap-guest/sbt) there is a major version bumping and so the current rules file which is written for bootstrapping it isnt working any more and need to be worked on , looking to the upstream contributors for help as the dl.binary the source list which is used to download sbt is managed by light bend and they but the binaries there rather using the debian standards of creation of binary from the package, so in contact with the sbt developer for the help. 
This package is currently needed by gradle , but Raman is trying to patch the use of zinc compiler of scala which comes through this sbt package and if he does it then we can skip the headache of sbt packaging , but for now i am looking into it how can we package. For now i am trying the tweaks and updated the standard version and minor changes to it which can be found inside the forked link given above. 

That's all for this week 

Manas Kashyap

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