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GSOC 2020 WEEK 8 REPORT - Android SDK tools in DEBIAN

Hola Everyone, this is my 8th Week report for GSOC .
First of all , We three passed the second evaluation, and thanks to mentors and my fellow mates for this help during the journey as well as it always feels great to get nice feedback from the mentors. 
During this week my package is google-android-emulator-installer (https://tracker.debian.org/pkg/google-android-emulator-installer) is now in Debian Archive and i started working with Samyak and Raman helping them to get a lead on Kotlin and Gradle, we even had a jitsi meet to discuss the blockers we all faced in our packages. We found a patch that might fix kotlin's java dependency errors. Helped in creation of a tree of deps and build deps of packages (binaries from upstream platform-tools.zip) which are currently packaged in Debian.
Currently, i have started with pidcat package to be updated to python3 and migrate it, the work is still in progress and will let you know in upcoming days. 
That's all for this week 

Manas Kashyap

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