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[GSoC Report][Week 6] Architecture Cross-Grading Support in Debian


This week's work has been focused on writing up documentation for
crossgrades to architectures not supported on the same CPU. Also, I
have been changing parts of the script to support Python 3.4 shipped
with Jessie.

Week 6 progress:
1. Added dry run option to script
2. Started documenting non-supported architecture crossgrades
3. Worked on automating the removal/re-installation of
qemu-user-static and binfmt-support between non-native architecture
4. Finished a more robust initramfs binary architecture checker using arch-test
5. Removed code using Python 3.5+ features

- GNOME is refusing to start in QEMU on Jessie. KDE works for now, but
I'll have to investigate more.

Next up: a better pre-crossgrade check (taking into account disk
space, etc.), continuing to troubleshoot the Jessie image, and more

Kevin Wu

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