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[GSoC-20 Report] [Weekly Report] Android SDK tools in Debian


The first coding phase is officially over! :)
I would like to thank everyone who helped me till now directly or indirectly. Look forward to two more phases ahead o/

Coming back to WORK, Here's what I did! :D

The last couple of weeks have brought kotlin very near to upload.
The kotlin blockers are almost resolved.

Here's what I tried to do and what I achieved:

The pre-final stage was to build kotlin-gradle-plugin and kotlin-sam-with-receiver from the source package itself.

After digging deeper, I found two workarounds for it.

  1. Converting kotlin buildSrc files for embeddable.kt to make it compatible with groovy closures.
  2. Why not compile these jars from the kotlin-compiler instead of kotlin-compiler-embeddable?

On Testing both of the workarounds:

  1. The first one compiles successfully for the plugin, but it ain't functional. It is not able to generate the runtime jars. Hence, this way isn't feasible.

  2. For the second workaround for switching compiler-embeddable to the compiler, I changed some of the build.gradle function of required submodules. It took a while to make it free from compilation errors. But, it finally resulted in circular dependencies.

On sticking to the second workaround, I resolved those circular dependencies. :D
All changes for the second workaround can be found here: https://salsa.debian.org/samyak-jn/kotlin-1.3.30/-/tree/kotlin-compiler

Finally, after the meeting and talking to m36 about some issues. (Thank you!) I was able to define the custom function and therefore I was able to compile "prepare/compiler-embeddable/build.gradle" successfully :)

Along with that following files are also compiled successfully.

The changes can be found here: https://salsa.debian.org/samyak-jn/kotlin-1.3.30/-/commits/master?author=Samyak%20Jain

The current final task/blocker I'll be working on this week: https://paste.debian.net/1155593/

I hope to resolve it as well :D

Thanks and regards,
Samyak Jain

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