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[GSoC 2020][Report] Week 1 - 3 - Systemd Unit Translator

Hi, all.

Here's my report for the first 3 weeks:

Week 1:

  - Setup Debian VMs: one for testing and one clone in case I mess something up
    and I need to start from scratch.

  - Read up on OpenRC service script guide, systemd manpages for service, units
    and install sections.

Week 2:

  - Assemble a parser (in bash) which splits key-value pairs of service files
    with the use of GNU coreutils.

  - Try to map each of the filtered values to an equivalent OpenRC function in
    pursuit of coming up with a basic translator but hit a roadblock since
    Debian's OpenRC looks nothing like the service script guide described.

Week 3:

  - Slow week. Roadblock continues and time is spent in learning about
    differences in Gentoo and Debian's OpenRC styles.

  - Debian's use of LSBHeaders and custom functions needs further work and
    research to make generic OpenRC script templates.

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