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[GSoC`20 Report] [Community Bonding + Week 1] Android SDK tools in Debian


The community bonding period is officially over. It was one of the most resourceful periods and scarier for the starter ;)

But, Thanks to mentors for getting me started with the project.

Here's an update about my work *till today*:

=> Setup an AOSP container, thanks to @cdesai for helping with the setup.

=> Went through Gradle Build documentation. [1]

=> Majority of the focus was on Kotlin since it is one of the crucial reason for all  blockers, so here's what I did till now:

  1. Fixed Jline3, and it's uploaded (resides in the NEW queue). (Thanks to @_hc for the upload). 

  2. Most of kotlin work was done by m36 last year, but the changes were made directly to the source. Therefore, I packaged it from scratch, and converted m36 commits to patches. (Thanks for the help @m36)

  3. The kotlin package is fixed with various errors and the debian/* is corrected to meet Debian Standards.

Here are the blockers:

  1. We have to somehow remove the kotlin-bootstrap package (We can’t upload binaries!).

  2. For that, we have a bunch of dependencies that are clustered with each other majorly the whole kotlin-gradle-plugin and kotlinx.

  3. On digging deeper, I found that ideally, the package should build these jar files for kotlin-gradle-plugin, but it is not. Debugging the issue.

  4. Kotlinx is purely written in kotlin until unless we have a kotlin compiler to build it we can’t package any kotlinx-*.

Other work apart from the Project:


=> Filed an ITP for kazocsaba-imageviewer and sent an RFS to the java-team.[3]

=> Attended Minidebconf-online! :D

=> Update for Kotlin is pushed. [4] (Thanks @andrewsh for the publishing it)

What's to be done for the upcoming week?

=> Researching about kotlinx-* libraries, kotlin currently depends upon three kotlinx libraries, co-routines, serialization, and metadata-jvm, we need these jar files to reduce the dependency.

=> Find a band-aid solution for kotlin-gradle-plugin. The kotlin won't be built without.

=> Look forward to documenting all the Kotlin Updates, maintaining the wiki page.

In the upcoming weeks, if we manage to get a workaround to the circular dependencies, we might have Kotlin in Debian soon enough!

Thanks and regards,

Samyak Jain


[1] https://docs.gradle.org/current/javadoc/index.html

[2] https://salsa.debian.org/samyak-jn/kotlin

[3] https://lists.debian.org/debian-java/2020/05/msg00057.html

[4] https://java-team.pages.debian.net/gsoc-kotlin-blog/2020/06/01/kotlin-update/

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