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Re: GSoC report for week 3 - Saif Abdul Cassim

*GSoC report for week 4 - Saif Abdul Cassim

On Wed, 26 Jun 2019 at 21:32, Saif Abdul Cassim <saif.15@cse.mrt.ac.lk> wrote:

As I mentioned last week I have downgraded the Kotlin project to Gradle 4.4.1. I also found out that I forgot to convert a build file in :buildSrc:preparedeps:intellij-sdk which was essential to building kotlin. So I converted that to groovy from kts as well. I tried to build kotlin using Sid Gradle 4.4.1 but couldn't due to this error, for which I have opened an issue with kotlin upstream devs. I also made some changes to Gradle which I haven't made a merge request for, I did this so that I could use org.gradle.api.publish.ivy.internal.artifact.FileBasedIvyArtifact of Gradle. I haven't pushed the changes yet;(I had an assignment due this Monday night followed by a sudden Semester project meeting today).

I ll try to push these changes and setup a merge request asap and get kotin to build using sid Gradle in the upcoming weeks.

Saif Abdul Cassim

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