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Re: Request to support Mozilla Global Sprint

>>>>> "Pranav" == Pranav Jain <contact@pranavjain.me> writes:

    Pranav> I agree on the point mentioned by Sam.  Rather than
    Pranav> sponsoring this event, it *might* make sense to sponsor
    Pranav> attendance of a Debian community member given they have a
    Pranav> plan/agenda for the event (which is beneficial for Debian).

    Pranav> My suggestion would be to ask Debian members if they are
    Pranav> planning to attend this event on debian-events-apac [0]
    Pranav> list. It might also make sense to sent out a separate mail
    Pranav> on the debian-outreach list [1] again as we have many people
    Pranav> in India who have been part of Debian Outreach programs like
    Pranav> GSoC and Outreachy.

Do you want to send a message to that list or would you prefer the
original event organizers do?

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