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Re: Request to support Mozilla Global Sprint

Here is my personal opinion about the same and I am not representing
Outreach team here.

I agree on the point mentioned by Sam.
Rather than sponsoring this event, it *might* make sense to sponsor
attendance of a Debian community member given they have a plan/agenda
for the event (which is beneficial for Debian).

My suggestion would be to ask Debian members if they are planning to
attend this event on debian-events-apac [0] list. It might also make
sense to sent out a separate mail on the debian-outreach list [1]
again as we have many people in India who have been part of Debian
Outreach programs like GSoC and Outreachy.

Also, AFAIK there are at least couple of Debian Members who live in
New Delhi and they *might* me able to make it to the event without
additional funding.

[0]: https://lists.debian.org/debian-events-apac/
[1]: https://lists.debian.org/debian-outreach/

On Wed, Jun 26, 2019 at 7:48 PM Sam Hartman <leader@debian.org> wrote:
> Hi.
> I'd be very open to Debian members approaching asking for travel and
> accomodation sponsorship  if an event like this would help them in their
> Debian work.  That Debian work might include existing projects as well
> as reaching out to tell others about the Debian community.
> It doesn't seem very likely that we'd want to directly sponsor the event
> although I'd be open to an argument about that from Debian members.
> Copying debian-outreach in hopes of getting you advice on where to best
> contact members of our community who might be interested in this.
> >>>>> "ishaan" == ishaan malik <ishaanmalikrm7@gmail.com> writes:
>     ishaan>    Respected sir This is regarding Mozilla's Global sprint
>     ishaan> event being held by Mozilla group Delhi .  About the event
>     ishaan> Mozilla’s annual Global Sprint, a two-day worldwide
>     ishaan> distributed hackathon for open-source projects, is a great
>     ishaan> opportunity for communities of all kinds to learn open
>     ishaan> practices, collaborate, and grow together.  At the Sprint,
>     ishaan> all are welcome, from every skill level and background —from
>     ishaan> designers, engineers, and educators to activists,
>     ishaan> researchers, and artificial intelligence Reason why Debian
>     ishaan> should Sponsor because:.  *Release around the corner , could
>     ishaan> help in squashing bugs *Gather new contributors for Debian
>     ishaan> in field of packaging.  *A few Debian members (DMs,DDs) are
>     ishaan> expected to come to help mentor the participants.  *24hours
>     ishaan> Dev sprint could help Debian in squashing other bugs as well
>     ishaan> .  *We could have a Debian installation booth as well.  Link
>     ishaan> to the event-
>     ishaan> https://gitlab.com/mozilla-delhi/global-sprint-2019 If you
>     ishaan> need anymore information please let me know , I would be
>     ishaan> happy to help.  Thank you Regards Ishaan Malik


Pranav Jain

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