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GsoD: Contributor Profiling


I actually looked at the proposed project ideas for GSoD by Debian [It's quiet unfortunate that Debian wasn't selected] and the contributor profiling idea has intrigued me. It sets a perfect way to help eager newcomers to enhance Debian. I wanted to work on this idea by making a simple web application that would score the experience of a newcomer and redirect him to appropriate locations to help him enhance his skills or contribute to Debian.

We start from basic question on Git and Version Control to complex question regarding the core API asking 5 questions [There will be a database of questions hosted on firestore] and the interests and directing him based on his score.

If the user is quiet beginner, we direct him to resources on git, helping him master the version control. Heading him next to docs. Showing simple examples of previous bug fixes [<50 lines of code]. If the user is well versed with Debian, we take him to bug tracker showing him pre-configured page with bugs under the topic he is interested in.

I would like to work on this idea regardless of GSoD as it seems like a good initiative to bring more developers into Debian Ecosystem. Once a developer is armed with necessary weapons, he can do wonders.

Hoping to hear from you soon.

Yours sincerely,
Prateek Nayak.

P.S. I'll love to share an entire timeline for the project if Debian Devs are still enthusiastic about carrying this out.  

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