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Re: [TREASURER #2345] AutoReply: Re: requesting flight funding approval

Hi Milena,

Did you register for the summit on the GSoC website? Google covers the hotel, but you need to follow their instructions to book a room on one of the two hotels chosen for the summit.

The GSoC summit website has all the information you need, and google sends out additional emails once you’ve been accepted.


Registrations are now closed :/ but you should try and contact them on mailto:gsoc-support@google.com

The registration form - https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdlz9ch5oNM78pTJkFDoR5EL1CvO_v3s3ArJ7JIRPcOR9mf8Q/viewform

Debian will reimburse your flights, but all travel arrangements (book flights, etc) are your responsibility, as well as keeping the receipts. :)
The reimbursement process may have changed, so check with the Debian GSoC admin team, but usually involves sending out an email with your bank details and receipts.

Jaminy is also attending the summit, and she’s part of the admin team. Get in touch with her, as she will be able to help you with this process, but also for meeting each other at arrival or at the summit hotel.

Best of luck,


On Tue, 2 Oct 2018 at 02:02, Milena Lavanchy <milena.lavanchy@gmail.com> wrote:
Dear Madam/Sir,

I apologize but I am trying to understand - are you going to make full arrangements for my flight and hotel accomodations or am I tobdo this? There have not been any instructions on the matter and time is quickly approaching when I have to apply for USA entry authorization with my travel details at least 72 hours prior to my departure on October 9th. Please advice me with any instructions. Thank you! What is the next step in the process?
Milena Lavanchy

[1] Le sam. 22 sept. 2018 à 19:31, Daniel Pocock <daniel@pocock.pro> a écrit :
> Milena asked about pre-payment of expenses, I raised the issue directly
> with SPI and they asked to be contacted again after requesting DPL
> approval. Molly, as Milena is new to Debian, can you assist with that
> process?

Le mer. 26 sept. 2018 à 14:17, SPI Treasurer - Incoming Queue via RT <treasurer@rt.spi-inc.org> a écrit :


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Thank you very much dear Chris!
Have a wonderful day!
Best regards,
Le mer. 26 sept. 2018 à 14:06, Chris Lamb <lamby@debian.org> a écrit :
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> Dear Milena,
> > 9 Oct - Fly to SFO [1]
> […]
> > 12-13 Oct - GSoC Mentor Summit (Google hotel)
> > 14 Oct - GSoC Mentor Summit - [2]
> > 15 Oct - Q4 Eufora Salon Owner Network & Salon Specialist Update [3]
> > 16 Oct - Workday Training for Line Managers [3]
> > 18 Oct - -Silicon Valley's 3rd Annual Timmy Awards [4]
> [..]
> > Total accommodation costs: 527 USD
> >
> > Flight costs: 420.94 USD
> >
> > Taxi SF Airport: 100 USD
> […]
> > Total costs: 1047.94 USD
> Approved. Would be great to read a write-up (and photos...?) on Planet
> Debian after/during your trip.
> Best wishes,
> - --
>       ,''`.
>      : :'  :     Chris Lamb
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