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Google Code In 2018 | Call For Organizations

Hello folks,

Google Code In 2018 has been announced and in recent blog[0] inviting
organizations for the same. Would Debian be joining GCI this year? Is
someone planning to mentor for Debian Projects?

I recently completed my GSoC with Debian and my project[1] focuses on
creating a GUI application to help new contributors. There is scope for
contributors from GCI as follows

- Tutorials for the application can be build by creating JSON files
- Documentation can be updated using Markdown format
- GCI student will learn basics on command line and version control

What do you guys think about this project for GCI? Also, please share if
you have an idea for a project or a Debian project best for GCI students.


Shashank | realslimshanky
GSoC 2018 with Debian

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