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Re: a big thank-you

Hey Daniel,
Since you mentioned "being both an admin and mentor at the same time is not ideal",
Could you perhaps‌ elaborate on the role of an admin versus the role of a mentor ?
Would you recommend GSoC students being admins ?

Can Debian apply to be an org at Google Code-In ?
According to last year's timeline, the contest would be announced in about three weeks and the deadline for orgs to apply is around the first week of October.

Vishal Gupta

On Tue, Aug 28, 2018 at 1:57 AM Daniel Pocock <daniel@pocock.pro> wrote:

Hi everybody,

I'd like to thank everybody who has participated in GSoC in any way this
year, including all the students who were not selected, students who had
to withdraw, students who didn't pass and those who did, mentors new and
old and every other member of the community who has interacted with the
GSoC and Outreachy programs.

Overall, despite some problems, there are a lot of good things that have
come out of the program this year in both coding and community growth.

There are also some open questions and I'd like to encourage people to
share their own views on them:

Who wants to be part of the admin team in 2019?  Personally, I am going
to step back from that role with GSoC and I want to make that clear now
so other people can step forward well before registration opens in
January.  I feel an organization like Debian needs at least 3 people as
admins who have strong experience mentoring and personally, I found that
being both an admin and mentor at the same time is not ideal.  A related
question to contemplate: is it a role for the same people every year, or
is it a role that can or should be rotated so people alternate between
admin and mentoring?

How to approach the question of being an umbrella organization in future
years?  It would be really helpful to clarify this before projects are
advertised.  This year the question came up after mentors and students
had already started putting in effort.  My own view on this is that if
the admin team is large enough and at least 2 members of the admin team
are willing to support the umbrella organization concept, it is viable
but if there are not enough admins to support it then it can not go ahead.



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