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[project idea] Privacy tags in Debian


I also have an idea for a GSoC or Outreachy internship.

Debian's Debtag project allows anybody with an account to tag packages. [1]

At this year's DebConf, we've worked on creating specific tags
concerning privacy issues of packages [2]. This allows to say for
example that a certain package uses a deprecated cryptographic
algorithm, or that a program accesses the network without the user's
consent [3].

We've based these tags on F-Droid's list of anti-features. Whenever a
user tries to install a package from F-Droid, they can see this list of
anti-features and decide for themselves if they want to install the package.

For Debian, we would like to implement a very similar display in Gnome
Software and apt.

I think this could be a valuable intern project. It would allow interns
to understand Debian's inner functioning, and provide Debian users with
a great functionality.

I can help finding a mentor knowledgeable in apt/Gnome for such a
project and could co-mentor such a thing (if needed).


[1] https://debtags.debian.org/
[2] https://wiki.debian.org/Teams/PkgPrivacyMaintainers#Tag_packages
[3] as an example, gnome-calculator fetching currency conversion rates:
[4] https://f-droid.org/wiki/page/AntiFeatures

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