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[project idea] Improve the usability of GnuPG CLI


Since this GSoC term is almost over, I would like to share
a few project ideas that might be used on future terms.
I am not sure whether I will be able to mentor next year,
but I think that sharing and discussing project ideas never hurts.
If I don't publish them somewhere it is quite possible that I will
forget about them. The best thing would be to use some
idea management tool, but anyway we can use the tools that
we already have.

This project idea originates from this discussion:

The idea is to write a CLI wrapper for the `gpg` command
(in Bash, or Python, or something else) that improves the usability
of `gpg` by trying to imitate the style of the `git` command.

Basically it should do something like this:
- Clearly separate the commands from the options and arguments.
- Use bash autocomplete whenever possible.
- Create a separate man page for each command.
- Give contextual help when user seems to be lost.
- Etc.

In order to do this, the student should learn very well the commands
and options of `gpg` and their usage.


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