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Re: About the final report

On Sun, 5 Aug 2018, 07:25 Ulrike Uhlig, <ulrike@debian.org> wrote:

> No matter where you publish your final report, send a copy of the report to
> this list as well.
> I don't think that Google can scrutinize the work done by each student. I
> don't think they can do it. Maybe they will select randomly a few students,
> or maybe they will use some selection criteria. So, don't think that you
> are writing the final report for Google.
> The mentors don't need your final report either, because we have constantly
> checked your work and followed your progress. We know who deserves to pass
> and who does not even without looking at your report.
> You are writing this report mainly for your own benefit, so that you can
> show the work that you have done to a potential future employer. So, please
> don't write garbage on it but write something understandable, that can
> present the work that you have done in the best way. Otherwise you just got
> the money from GSoC but did not get any work experience.

The Debian project is quite diverse and big, and it is hard for us
Debian contributors to keep track of what happens. Not many contributors
are even aware that this debian-outreach@l.d.o address exists I believe.

So I would like to suggest to send these reports to debian-project@d.l.o
too, so that our developer and non-developer community will be more
aware of what has been done for/with Debian via GSoC and Outreachy.

A very good idea. I totally agree.

Projects that are more of technical nature such as this year's work by
Alexandre Viau could even send their final report to debian-devel@l.d.o
in my opinion.

This will help students to receive comments and hopefully stay or become
more integrated in Debian AND make more Debian contributors aware of the
great work you have all done!

Thank you,

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