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GSoC weekly report of Sergio Alberti for week 12

Hi all.
This week I have:
- concluded the unit tests (for the EQ3 Eqiva and Laica PS7200L scripts) [1][2]
- fixed small bugs identified by the tests
- modified the reverse engineering guide structure (at file/directory level) to make it easier to update and maintain [3] - updated the eq3eqiva deb package in order to match the "updated_implementation"


[1] https://gitlab.com/sergioalberti/gsoc-blereverse/tree/master/eq3_eqiva_reveng/updated_implementation/test [2] https://gitlab.com/sergioalberti/gsoc-blereverse/tree/master/laica_PS7200L_reveng/script/test
[3] https://gitlab.com/sergioalberti/gsoc-blereverse/tree/master/docs
Reference repo: https://gitlab.com/sergioalberti/gsoc-blereverse

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