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GSoC weekly report of Saif Abdul Cassim for week 12

This week I managed to package another 3 more packages that kotlin-1.1.1 depends on. These are jdom-intellij, picoccontainer-1.3 and an update to existing package intellij-annotations to version 16.0.2. there are about 5 more packages that need packaging including the infamous intellij-core.jar after which kotlin-1.1.1 will be able to be built just from the debian-archive. I am planning to document the work on kotlin in a debian-wiki page which i should be able to complete by tomorrow or the day after. I ll include in the gsoc report this wiki's link along with the url and a brief explanation of what I did during gsoc i.e new upstream releases for a few packages in android-tools project and this kotlin work and packaging the packages required for kotlin.
Saif Abdul Cassim

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