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GSoC weekly report of Minkush Jain for week 10 and 11

Project: Wizard/GUI helping interns get started[1]

Here is what I did:

-- Updated Thunderbird script[2] to add the feature to modify the
configuration for all Mozilla profiles in the system or a specific
profile given by the user.

-- Removed all Lintian errors and policy violations from Cardbook_1.3.0 package.

-- Added devscripts in the package to build it using 'xul-ext'. Added
watch file to automatically pull tags from upstream. Created
cardbook_1.4.0 package version to update the changes.

-- I mailed Carsten Schoenert, Debian Maintainer of Thunderbird and
Lightning package, who helped me a lot along with my mentor, Daniel
during the packaging process.

-- Generated new GPG key for me, signed .changes, .dsc, .deb package
files using dpkg-sig and verifed them.

-- Added pytest testing scripts for Salsa and Github account
registration scripts.

-- Updated IRC Setup script[3] with the following:
    * Registers new nickname for the user on the server.
    * Added exception handling using recursive functions to identify
if the nickname is already registered or the email entered is invalid.
    * Display the list of all available Debian channels with minimum
15 members from the server.
    * The user can choose any channel from the list and join it.
    * Added ping-pong loop to reply to automated pings from the server.

-- Researched alternate Python IRC libraries like Twisted, IRC3

GSoC scripts: https://salsa.debian.org/minkush-guest/gsoc-2018-experiments

CardBook package:

[1] https://wiki.debian.org/NewContributorWizard
[2] https://salsa.debian.org/minkush-guest/gsoc-2018-experiments/blob/master/thunderbird_config.py
[3] https://salsa.debian.org/minkush-guest/gsoc-2018-experiments/blob/master/irc_nick.py


Minkush Jain

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