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PGP Clean Room GSoC 2018 Week 9 Progress Report

You can find the CHANGELOG I've been keeping on salsa.d.o:

What I did this week:
 - Reread and refactor what I have so far
 - Remove unused imports
 - Move all snack operations to newt module
 - Setup console font with a separate service, instead of in the
pgp-clean-room script
 - 37.5% reduction of ISO size, from 216MB to 135MB
	- Removed unused networking stuff mostly
 - Add USBGuard to try and reduce the impact of malicious USB devices
 - Use the automatic revocation certificate instead of a manually
generated one
 - Handle cancelled pinentry
 - Display information about a loaded key

I was planning on putting out a beta and asking for testers today, but I
ran out of time and didn't want to rush it. I should have it up by
Monday as well as a blog post with pictures of what the UI looks like.


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