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GSoC weekly Report of Minkush Jain for week 7 & 8

Hello everyone,

Project: https://wiki.debian.org/NewContributorWizard

Here is what I did:

-- Updated the Thunderbird script[1] to find to find the location
of "prefs.js" file in user's system dynamically. The script can now
identify the ".default" folder location.

-- Did research about ‘profiles.ini’[2] file present in Mozilla. I
learned how the file is written for different profiles in Thunderbird.
Discussed the task’s objective with my mentor.

-- Learned concepts of virtual env and Pipenv to build a local virtual
environment. Learned how pipefile, pipefile.lock, requirements.txt
file work for installation of dependencies.

-- Learned basics of unittest tests using assert statements in Python.
Working on adding Pytest testing for module scripts.

-- Contacted Alexander, Salsa’s administrator to get suggestions on
new account creation on Salsa script for our project.

-- Read about basic GUI creation with Kivy through examples (ping pong program)

-- Wrote a detailed blog[3] on the creation of Debian CardBook package
that I made. Also added IRC nickname registration script working demo

[1]  https://salsa.debian.org/minkush-guest/gsoc-2018-experiments/blob/master/thunderbird_config.py

[2] http://kb.mozillazine.org/Profiles.ini_file

[3] http://minkush.me/cardbook-debian-package/

[4] http://minkush.me/gsoc-week-4/

Minkush Jain

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