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GSoC weekly report of Sergio Alberti for week 7

Hi, this week I managed to get some working script [1] for the Laica PS7200L BLE scale. It's not totally reverse-engineered, but weight reading works the right way.

The scale uses an operating principle (from the Bluetooth point of view) that is not covered in the rev-eng guide. I then began to complete the guide by adding sections related to the Bluetooth advertising packages and the tools needed to read their content (hcidump). [2]

Finally I made small changes to the structure of the sections, so that (in the future) anyone can add the work done on other BLE devices.


[1] https://gitlab.com/sergioalberti/gsoc-blereverse/tree/master/laica_PS7200L_reveng/script [2] http://reverse-engineering-radiator-bluetooth-thermovalves.readthedocs.io/en/latest/
Reference repo: https://gitlab.com/sergioalberti/gsoc-blereverse

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