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GSoC weekly report of Vishal Gupta for week 5

This week's goal was to handle default country code that would be used to format the phone number and display more details about it. I came up with 3 alternatives to resolve this
- Using a configuration file within the package
- Declaring an environment variable DEBDIALER_COUNTRY
- Using the user's IP address
    - I thought I had managed to extract the user's inet address from eth or wlo using netifaces but that wasn't my public IP. I'm now going to curl to checkip.dyndns.org at the beginning of my program to fetch the IP address
    - I'm using this module to fetch the user's country code https://pythonhosted.org/python-geoip/. There were a problems involved in installing this but it eventually worked it.
   - Another solution that single handedly resolves both tasks involve sending sending a request to ipinfo.io. Though the response takes some time but it returns the country as well.

Vishal Gupta

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