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PGP Clean Room GSoC 2018 Week 6 Progress Report

You can find the CHANGELOG I've been keeping on salsa.d.o:

What I did this week:
- Key expiration
- Rewrite gpgme-editkey stuff with python's Context.interact
- Smartcard module, first through Context.interact then rewritten via
the Assuan protocol
- Proper logging through python's logging module
- Set smartcard PINs
- Pick key algorithms from a list
- Add support for Curve25519 keys
- Tried to implement other ECC subkeys but only 25519 actually works for now
- Show default PINs for known smartcards
- Consistently translate buttons by always using the common module for
interface elements
- Raise errors when the user enters a bad PIN, has a blocked PIN, or
there is no smartcard present


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