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GSOC Weekly report of Saif Abdul Cassim for week 6


This week was a toughie because I had my end semester exams this week. I couldn't contribute a lot this week, but however I have managed to squeeze in some small amount of work. I have tweaked the build script of ant so that it generates almost all the prebuilts of kotlin from the source itself. The major tweak I did was to replace the kotlin-compiler.jar generated from source with kotlin-compiler.jar from boostrap prebuilt 1.1.50-dev-1181. The real problem is that the kotlin-compiler.jar generated by the source isn't being built properly since actual required files for it are slightly different(1.1.50-dev-1451). But the upstream no longer hosts that artifact and I couldn't find it online so I settled with 1.1.50-dev-1181(last stable prior to 1451 with an artifact still being hosted by upstream). The major blocker now in packaging kotlin is to figure how to properly produce the kotlin-compiler.jar ... because if that's done then all we have to do is package the prebuilts and the generated jars to their locations and call it a day. My exams got over today and I have discussed my situation with my mentors. I will hopefully catch up for what I have missed in the following weeks.


Saif Abdul Cassim

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