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Re: GSoC weekly report of Distro Tracker Improvements (Week 5)

Hi Samuel,

First of all thanks for your comments and feedback, they are very appreciated :)

We already have a bug report about integration of distro-tracker and repology [1] (not related to the context that you mentioned), if you really want to see this feature in distro-tracker you should report a bug and tag it as a wish list, maybe we can have this implemented in the future. But as Arthur replied, this is not in the scope of this GSoC project, and I guess we will not have time to work on other stuff than what we already planned.

See you in Hsinchu!

[1] https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=898031

On 06/20/2018 10:09 AM, Arthur Del Esposte wrote:
Hey Samuel,

2018-06-19 15:35 GMT-03:00 Samuel Henrique <samueloph@debian.org>:
Hello Arthur,

I just thought about something that may be interesting to you, i'm not sure if there are any plans to check for package released on other distributions, like qa.d.o page does.
One possible source of info for that kind of things could be repology[0][1], i use it very often to find packages on other distributions, one feature that i miss is that it does not count how many patches were applied by the distro maintainer (like qa.d.o does with Ubuntu packages) (and i understand that detection is highly distro-family specific).

I think it would be perfect to have a source of information where one can see which distributions had which versions of a given package and how many patches they were applying on top of it. In my not-so-long debian packager experience i already found lots of patches applied on other distros that are useful for debian too (and that patches are very important regarding projects which upstream is not active anymore).

That sounds really interesting. My project aims at supporting the packaging efforts in Debian and this kind of feature seems to be really useful for developers, as you noticed through your experience.

Having something like repology integrated on our tools seems like a good idea, and better yet something where maintainers of all distributions could check the patches applied easily.

I know that you already have lots of other tasks and this is not as important as them, i'm throwing this here more like an idea that still has to be discussed better and maybe see if there's someone interested.

I created an issue [1] in my issue tracker to keep this in mind. I'll discuss this with my mentor so that we can find the best time to address your suggestion.

See you at DC 19 :)


Samuel Henrique <samueloph>,

Thanks for your contributions.

Arthur de Moura Del Esposte
Software Engineer

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