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events/funds for those not going to DebConf

Hi all,

I'd like to remind everybody (both mentors and students) that even if
you were not selected for DebConf, Debian is still willing to consider
any requests you have:

- funds for travel to an event, anywhere

- funds for organizing your own local event

- it doesn't have to be on the same topic as your internship but it
could be anything related to Debian or Free Software projects closely
aligned with Debian goals

- it doesn't have to be during the internship, it could be later in the
year or next year

You can propose[1] anything and there isn't an official limit on the
amount of money you can request.  The DPL will then review your request
and tell you if Debian is willing to sponsor it.

As an example, the Debian Project Leader has provisionally approved
approximately $US 100 per person for travel to Bug Squashing Parties and
similar events.

I'm sorry that not everybody is funded to attend DebConf but this
doesn't mean Debian doesn't value your participation in the community.
DebConf and Debian operate purely on a non-profit basis using donations
and so there are always limits on how many people can be funded.



1. https://wiki.debian.org/Teams/DPL/Reimbursement

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