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GSoC Weekly report of Harshit Joshi for week 4

The same can be viewed at blog.harshitjoshi.in

This week, I worked on factur-x library. I made three Pull Requests in week 3, but improved them this week and brought them to a level where they can be used.
  • I worked on my three PRs from last week: Implementing JSON export, Adding preliminary Tests and Cleaning XML template files. We were finally able to merge all three PR.
  • I then implemented validation in form of is_valid() function. It validates against XSD and then checks the XML for required fields and values. PR-30
  • We also had a discussion to solve an issue[6] in invoice2data based on extracting payment mode form invoice. While having a discussing this issue, we realised that list needs to handled properly in invoice_template(). Hence, I fixed it with PR-142 and tested it against a sample invoice. I need to work on tesseract module to capture invoice from images like one provided in issue-141.
  • Furthermore, I am currently researching on how to implement nested attributes for FacturX class (issue-7) and adding tests for JSON export.
Here is what I intend to do during week 5:
  • Implement nested attributes for FacturX class and add tests to factur-x library like to check JSON export and any other feature I implement.
  • Add command line option for factur-x 
  • And any other issue that comes up in invoice2data or factur-x
Here are links to the repositories: 

Harshit Joshi
Freshman - B.Tech (Information Technology and Mathematical Innovations)
Cluster Innovation Centre
University of Delhi
Website: www.harshitjoshi.in

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