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GSoC Weekly report of Umang for week 4

This week, I was finally able to produce binary packages from source of android-platform-system-core. Following are some the things I've done:

- Introduced two new binary packages to be built named libcrypto-utils and libcrypto-utils-dev. To accomplish this I created necessary makefiles, install files and added section for both in debian/control file.

- Created some patches to fix build errors in libziparchive and libsparse.

- libadb depends on boringssl(Google's fork of openssl) headers so added required headers.

- adb requires libssl from boringssl. So I started working on packaging it. libssl required libcrypto from boringssl as well so, I've created makefiles for both. It is still Work in Progress.

- Added some compile flags here and there. And synced sources in makefiles to their respective Android.bp files.

Here's the link to my repo with updates mentioned above:


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