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GSoC weekly update of Chandramouli Rajagopalan for week 3

I have worked on creating a parser which parses the Android.bp (blueprint file) which parses it and produces the debian/foo.mk (makefiles) automatically. This could reduce the effort of writing the makefile and searching for all the necessary variables.
From  [1] Android.bp is a json-like file which is written using blueprint framework.
So we have changed the parser of the framework[2] to completely suite it to the json environment.
Our idea is to extract the target and host information from the Android.bp file and write them into a seperate makefile (debian/foo.mk).
So that it becomes easy to write makefiles using python instead of standard make command which is quite difficult .
I have learnt the rules to write makefile and where to extract the source files, flags and the build command directory and name of the file using Android.bp and few makefile examples. I have to now complete the task and generalise it so that it can be used to write makefiles in general.


Thanking you,
Chandramouli Rajagopalan.
(Happy Coding :))

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