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GSoC weekly update of Chandramouli Rajagopalan for week 2

I have worked on updating the 'android-platform-external-libselinux' to 'android-platform-external-selinux' according to the android open source project which merged them both.
Android-platform-external-selinux-8.1.0+r23[1] is now packaged and is able to build from source. 

Listed below is the work I have done during the Second Week of GSoC
Second week has been a learning for me on how to build the packages and how to effectively use the packaging commands on how to build it from git itself.
With the help of my team-mates and my mentors I could easily learn how to package and to fix errors.


thanking you,
Chandramouli Rajagopalan.
(Happy Coding :))

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