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Re: GSoC weekly report of Deepanshu Gajbhiye for week 3

On 2018-06-03, Deepanshu wrote:
>    - updated Vagrantfile ...
>    - updated Vagrantfile ...
>    - Installed ltsp in Debian stretch and buster release with Vagrant [4]

No relation to Vagrant Cascadian, the ltsp developer/maintainer... :)

> Plans for next week
>    - fix ltsp client booting problem
>    - work on building ltsp client for automated testing
>    - Study Debian packaging
>    - build a Debian package for ltsp-manager

FWIW, ltsp-manager is already in Debian:


I'm curious what you're intending to package.

Please consider filing bug reports against the relevent packages if
you're finding issues. That way everyone will benefit, rather than just
people using VagrantUP to install LTSP.

Thanks for working on and explorinng alternative ways to use LTSP!

live well,

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