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GSoC weekly report of Samuel Henrique for week 2 [portkalipackages]

For the second week, i've made some improvements to the kali-packages-checker[0] script and now i think we are close to the final version of it. I'll focus on packaging and fix the script as i find things that were not reported by it.

I published a .ods on my personal repo on Salsa[1] containing the result of the script, so people can use it without having to use gdocs (which is non-free software) and i removed the tables from the wiki page[2], pointing now to the this .ods file.

I finished and uploaded the wig package, i also made a small contribution towards upstream (spoiler: it's a manpage) [3].

I also continued packaging changeme and its dependencies, python-shodan and python-libnmap. I'm currently waiting for inclusion on the python-modules salsa team so i can move the repos there (the python modules are hosted under my account) and upload the packages, this should happen soon.

For now i'll have to chose the next packages to work on, with help from my mentors.

​PS.: I'm discussing this privately with my mentors already, so i don't need to CC them.​

Samuel Henrique <samueloph>

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