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automating the weekly reports, send us your blogs

Hi all,

Personally, I don't mind if interns want to automatically generate their
weekly reports by taking a snapshot of activity from a project
management tool.  You can discuss this with your mentors to confirm
their expectations.

We still need to see some written communication every week though: this
could be a more verbose comment in one of the issues in the project
management tool or it could be a blog post about anything to do with the
project, a tool you use or an event you participated in during the week.

For those who write blogs:

- please include a picture

- please add your blog to the Planet configuration by adding an entry
like this to the configuration file:

# Daniel Pocock, GSoC 2018 mentor
name = Daniel Pocock

Notice the URL returns RSS and it only returns posts that I tagged
"debian" because that is in the URL.  How this works depends on your own
blogging platform, you can also submit a feed for your whole blog
without tags if you prefer.

Here is the configuration file, you can fork it and submit a merge
request adding yourself to config.ini




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