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GSoC weekly report of Chikirou Massiwayne for week 2


This week I make my report on Sunday because of exams I have on the next week, I may have to do same next week but it will be the only exception.

The project I'm in charge of is the Kanban Board project [1].

For the second week of GSoC I have learned about Python Flask and more precisely about how to make an API and do request on it with Flask.
I have also made some improvement to my code that I put on Github [2] for now, feel free to give me many feedbacks. I added a main window and structured it a bit.

I plan to make task object on the view for the next week, as I have exams until Friday I'll start to work on it at Friday (that's why I'll certainly make my next report on Sunday).

Chikirou Massiwayne


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